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Activity date:

8/6/2015 (jusqu'au 8/6/2015)

Activity location:

Activity taking place at "Louis Brailles" school in Sofia

Countries reached:


Audience reached:

Secondary education - number of institutionss : 2
Theatre company
Number of people reached: 50

Types of activity:

Demonstration of the website
Online dissemination (websites, newsletter, ...)
distribution of flyers - flat print and brailles print

Activity description:

Together with theatre studio "Dramedy", the project presented a play by Shakespeare - Midsummer night's dream - before the audience from the school. Theatre workshops leader - Tzveta Baliyska - presented the project, while Zornitsa Staneva gave around project flyers - regular print (for teachers and actors with healthy vision), large font and Brailles versions (for students). The event was a remarkable opportunity for the audience to enjoy peer-theatre (the actors were teenagers and young adults), to discover some more details about the project VISION, as well as for the actors from "Dramedy" and the actors in training from the school to meet and have a chat! Check out the dedicated facebook page for some photos! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vision-Erasmus/494509684023726?ref=aymt_homepage_panel