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Dissemination sheets


I Bohemiens

Activity date:

6/6/2015 (jusqu'au 7/6/2015)

Activity location:

I Bohémiens and Music'Arte

Countries reached:


Audience reached:

Secondary education
Vocational training
Cultural centers - number of institutionss : 1
Theatre company
General audience
Number of people reached: 30

Types of activity:

Distribution of the folder : 5
Online dissemination (websites, newsletter, ...)

Activity description:

Presentation of the V.I.S.I.ON project before the closing performance of the theatre course in Civitas Tango Association. Many people were reached, performers and audience, and two new friendships have been built between us and: (1) a member of the Institute of disabilities and impairments (mainly autism but also visual impairment) in Palermo, and teacher of the qualifying course for assistant teachers; (2) a member of the bank Banca Patrimoni Sella S.p.a.. Both persons were interested and willing in organizing further dissemination events within their respective context.