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Dissemination sheets



Activity date:

11/6/2015 (jusqu'au 11/6/2015)

Activity location:

LAG Rakovski, city of Rakovski, cultural club

Countries reached:


Audience reached:

Primary education - number of institutionss : 2
Secondary education - number of institutionss : 2
Cultural centers - number of institutionss : 1
Local authorities
Number of people reached: 20

Types of activity:

Demonstration of the website
Organisation and participation in conferences, symposiums, seminars
presentation of the project

Activity description:

The project activities were presented during an EU programs training seminar delivered for representatives of schools and cultural organizations in the region of Rakovski municipality within the period 11-13 June 2015. Project flyers were also disseminated among the local participants. The project gained enormous popularity and the local community in Rakovski was greatly impressed with the effects of VISION on the target group. Suggestions for connections with the district of Plovdiv were presented by local interested parties.