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SOU Louis Braille

Activity date:

23/7/2015 (jusqu'au 23/7/2015)

Activity location:

"Bread houses" network, Sofia

Countries reached:


Audience reached:

Cultural centers - number of institutionss : 1
Number of people reached: 4

Types of activity:

Demonstration of the website
sharing information

Activity description:

The project was presented to the founders of the international "Bread houses" network during a meeting in the bread house in Sofia. The founders of the network are implementing various activities related to the VISION project - they work with visually impaired people in initiatives such as "bread in the dark" and implement "theatre of the crumbs" activities with young children. They also have the objective of making leaders out their young workshop participants. the participants in the meeting exchanged information and outlined several options for common activities for the visually impaired children.