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Activity date:

31/7/2015 (jusqu'au 31/7/2015)

Activity location:

Palermo, conference “Io più Io”

Countries reached:


Audience reached:

General audience
Number of people reached: 50

Types of activity:

Demonstration of the website
Organisation and participation in conferences, symposiums, seminars

Activity description:

A conference called Europe in Action 2015 which focused on "Families and Self-Advocacy" took place on the 21st to 22nd May in Rome. There were a lot of presentations made from self-advocates from different parts of Italy and from different countries.
The Vice-chairperson of an organisation called Anffas attended this conference in Rome and replicated the event in Palermo to convey to the local authorities the need for a change in mentality.
Music'Arte attended this conference called "Io più Io" and presented our V.I.S.I.ON project. Stefania Vitale spoke about theatre as a powerful instrument for self-knowledge and self-assurance which are fundamental principles of self-advocacy.