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Activity date:

19/2/2016 (jusqu'au 19/2/2016)

Activity location:

Local action group Rakovski

Countries reached:


Audience reached:

Primary education
Secondary education - number of institutionss : 2
Cultural centers - number of institutionss : 2
Associations - number of institutionss : 5
Local authorities
Number of people reached: 32

Types of activity:

sharing information about the project

Activity description:

During an informational event on the opportunities of the Operational programme Human resources development, which can now be included in the local development strategies of local action groups throughout Bulgaria, Zornitsa Staneva presented VISION and all the activities taking place within it, as a good practice and example of activities, which could potentially be included in some of the initiatives of the local non-governmental organizations, schools, the association of people with disabilities and the local authorities - the Municipality of Rakovski - as focal point of interested parties and main promoter of projects. VISION has already been presented to audience from Rakovski on previous occasions, however, the audience on this date was broader and in need of role-models and ideas for support of the local community development from social, cultural and educational points of view.