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Activity date:

13/4/2016 (jusqu'au 14/4/2016)

Activity location:

Egidi school, Vitrebo, Italy http://www.scuolapietroegidiviterbo.it

Countries reached:

Italy Poland Romania United Kingdom

Audience reached:

Secondary education
continuing training
Local authorities

Types of activity:

provision of information about the V.I.S.I.ON project

Activity description:

VISION was disseminated to the partnership under the "Learning Families" Erasmus+ KA2 project during the second meeting, which took place in Viterbo, Italy. All partners were uniquely interested in the approach used in VISION and there are great possibilities for complementarity between the two projects, because LEAF aims at animating parents and involving them in their children's lives more adequately, in order to be supportive and to provide guidance, which is always needed. Examples of creative approaches to the young people, to their parents and to the entire school community can easily be drawn from the VISION pool of activities and exercises, as was discussed and agreed upon by the partners.