In order to reach as many end-users as possible and establish a better synchrony among the different partner organisations, the dissemination activities will be similar for each type of organisation:

  • Publication of project information, news and developed method in the partners? website
  • Presentation of the project and method during internal events at the organisations involved as well as at interested organisations.
  • Email dissemination to interested parties list
  • Contacting parents through disseminating to parents associations and NGOs and schools, working with visually impaired children
  • Creation of the V.I.S.I.ON Facebook page
  • Print of posters, flyers, calendars, t-shirts "WE SHARE THE VISION". They will all be printed with the Braille version and the V.I.S.I.ON logo will be embossed.
  • Creation of CDs with recorded lessons for visually impaired children and full-package DVDs with videos from the workshops for trainers, who would like to use the method in their practices.
  • A "We share the VISION" flash mob A collection of videos, showing moments from the workshops and events.

Dissemination sheets (71 sheets)

Fill a dissemination sheet




FDCBPCS 6/10/2016  

Even after the official end of the VISION project, dissemination goes on. This time, with all results available so accessibly and in various languages, we updated the "Learning families" partnership. The possibility of adoption of our approaches is very high in "Egidi" school in Viterbo, Italy and EuroED school and NGO in Romania. The partners were impressed with the achieved results and demonstrated interest in the project products.

FDCBPCS 8/8/2016  

Information about the project has been sent via email to Pro-retina in Germany in order for broadening the outreach. A question has been placed also concerning the availability of eye-condition simulation glasses.

Nadezhda za vsichki 4/8/2016  

The project has been disseminated via a detailed article on the "Yantra today" online and paper issue: http://www.dnesbg.com/obshtestvo/teatralni-igri-muzika-i-obitch-vrashtat-detsa-s-otchni-uvrezhdaniya-v-zritelniya-svyat.html

Nadezhda za vsichki 29/7/2016  

http://www.borbabg.com/2016/07/29/конференция-по-проект-vision-visual-impairment-social-inclusion-on-04-08-2016/ - a material has been published online and on paper copy concerning the project conference, scheduled for Aug 4, 2016.

Dante Alighieri 13/7/2016  

Publication about the project in a Lux newspaper: "Sensibiliser les enfants sur les problèmes de vue":
http://www.lessentiel.lu/fr/luxembourg/story/24979366 (via lessentiel.lu)

FDCBPCS 30/6/2016  

Tsveta Baliyska, Ina Gerginova, Aleksander Evtimov and Monika Metodieva (a visually impaired student from the "Louis Braille" school in Sofia and participant in the project) took part in a one hour radio interview about the project. Zori Staneva joined only shortly over the telephone. The project team had been invited to Alma mater radio by a local v.i. journalist - the author of the "True vision" poem - Yordan Georgiev.

Dante Alighieri 26/6/2016  

The podcast of the radio interview given by Daniela and Claudio for Radio Ara has been shared by the online issue of PAssa Parola: http://www.passaparola.info/2016/06/26/vision-erasmusplus/

Dante Alighieri 25/6/2016  

VISION crosses the boundaries and meets the radio!

Daniela Maniscalco and Claudio Ingoglia had the honour to be hosted by RadioARA and talk about VISION thanks to the energy and vigour of a fantastic friend, Paola Cairo!

FDCBPCS 10/6/2016  

The Resource center in Burgas city, which sent 10 representatives to the VISION conference in Sofia, published information concerning the project on its web-site: http://www.rcburgas.com/newsrc

FDCBPCS 8/6/2016  

on June 8th Zornitsa Staneva gave a phone interview for radio "Horizont", Bulgaria, which was broad-casted in the morning block - 10-12 am on the 9th June.

FDCBPCS 20/5/2016  

We are honoured to announce that the UICI - Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti has published an article on VISION on their online journal. You can find the article, by the name of "V.I.S.I.ON: consapevolezza di sé attraverso le arti sceniche" at this link: http://giornale.uici.it/v-i-s-i-on-consapevolezza-di-se-at…/

FDCBPCS 20/5/2016  

Tsveta Baliyska and Zornitsa Staneva gave an interview for the Bulgarian national radio. They presented the VISION project - its ideology, the main activities, what lies ahead. The interview was broad-casted within the period 19:00 - 20:00 on May 20th.

FDCBPCS 19/5/2016  

The VISION project was shared with the participants in an outdoor fun event, organized for two Bulgarian schools.

FDCBPCS 13/5/2016  

Information about the forthcoming conference under the VISION project - to take place on June, 10 - has been published on the informational portal of NGOs in Bulgaria. http://www.ngobg.info/bg/news/102630-конференция-we-share-the-vision-по-проект-vision.html

FDCBPCS 12/5/2016  

An invitation to the VISION conference has been sent, together with a short agenda and a registration form, to the interested parties list - including ministries, NGOs, resource centers, v.i. organizations and associations.

FDCBPCS 11/5/2016  

Information about the forthcoming VISION conference in Sofia has been disseminated through the weekly info bulletin of the Foundation for local government reform, which reaches thousands of interested parties throughout the country. Issue 19 for 2016 - http://www.flgr.bg/bg/cms/o/4563/o/1102.

FDCBPCS 13/4/2016  

VISION was disseminated to the partnership under the "Learning Families" Erasmus+ KA2 project during the second meeting, which took place in Viterbo, Italy. All partners were uniquely interested in the approach used in VISION and there are great possibilities for complementarity between the two projects, because LEAF aims at animating parents and involving them in their children's lives more adequately, in order to be supportive and to provide guidance, which is always needed. Examples of creative approaches to the young people, to their parents and to the entire school community can easily be drawn from the VISION pool of activities and exercises, as was discussed and agreed upon by the partners.

Dante Alighieri 1/4/2016  

A detailed article about the VISION project, published in a Luxembourg magazine. 98_luxembourg-edition.pdf

FDCBPCS 1/4/2016  

A member of the FDCBPCS team - Miglena Molhova - updated the partners under the Not only fair play Erasmus+ Sport project, during a project meeting that took place in Helsinki, Finland. Considering that at the same time/date activities with a large group of visually impaired children and young people and their trainers were taking place at a far away end of Europe - in Palermo - the partners in Helsinki were really eager to know more and to receive further information.

FDCBPCS 1/3/2016  

The project has made it across the EU - having its own official publication in the EBU bulletin and web-site: http://www.euroblind.org/newsletter/2016/january-february/newsletter/online/en/newsletter/articles/nr/2808/

FDCBPCS 29/2/2016  

An article about the VISION project has been published in the issue for months Jan-Feb 2016 of the "Eurofunds, projects, tenders" magazine. A copy of the leading page, the contents page and the pages of the VISION dedicated article is attached here. Article

FDCBPCS 25/2/2016  

VISION has been promoted through the web-site of the European information center "Europe Direct - Vidin", which disseminates valuable EU information within the district of Vidin, Bulgaria. A possibility for a local workshop for v.i. from the region has been granted by the project.



FDCBPCS 19/2/2016  

During an informational event on the opportunities of the Operational programme Human resources development, which can now be included in the local development strategies of local action groups throughout Bulgaria, Zornitsa Staneva presented VISION and all the activities taking place within it, as a good practice and example of activities, which could potentially be included in some of the initiatives of the local non-governmental organizations, schools, the association of people with disabilities and the local authorities - the Municipality of Rakovski - as focal point of interested parties and main promoter of projects. VISION has already been presented to audience from Rakovski on previous occasions, however, the audience on this date was broader and in need of role-models and ideas for support of the local community development from social, cultural and educational points of view.

FDCBPCS 8/1/2016  

A second online article about the VISION project its outcomes has been posted on the biggest online articles database in BG web-space. The article has been scrutinized and approved by the directory editors prior to being published: http://statii.net/2016/използването-на-театрални-техники-пр-2/

FDCBPCS 26/11/2015  

The partners under the GOERUDIO project were updated about the developments under the VISION project during a final meeting in Riga, Latvia. The presented experiences and results created grounds for future cooperations. The Goerudio partners demonstrated real interest in the presented information.

FDCBPCS 18/11/2015  

The project has been shared with the students and teachers participating into a scientific contest carried out at the high school "Gen. Vl. Zaimov" in the town of Sopot, BG. There were 6 teachers and 38 students attending this event. All were impressed and interested in the VISION project.

FDCBPCS 18/11/2015  

FDCBPCS team member Miglena Molhova disseminated information about the VISION project among the representatives of the partner organisations under a new starting project - LEAF (Learning Families). The feedback has been wonderful, all participants were really interested in VISION developments and impressed with the results.

FDCBPCS 9/10/2015  

The VISION project was presented to representatives of organisations, partners of the "Not only fair play" Erasmus+ project, from countries outside the VISION partnership - Turkey, Finland and Romania.

FDCBPCS 9/10/2015  

The European Blind Union (EBU), which is an associated partner of the VISION project, posted information and a link to the VISION web-site and invited the team to prepare an article on the project's progress and first outcomes and on the rationale behind this project, to be published in the February 2016 issue of the EBU newsletter, available in English, French, German and Spanish. Considering the outreach of the EBU being present on its web space is of considerable value and importance for our consortium.

FDCBPCS 7/10/2015  

The project has been listed in a database with school education resources! All included sites go through careful scrutiny before they are approved to be published. The VISION project has been highly assessed.

FDCBPCS 28/9/2015  

An article concerning the use of theatre work with visually impaired people, based on the second intellectual output has been proof-read, edited and accepted for publication on the web-database with selected articles: statii.net

The article can be viewed and read here: http://statii.net/2015/използването-на-театрални-техники-пр/

FDCBPCS 23/9/2015  

The VISION project was presented by Zornitsa Staneva via a skype meeting to representatives of the DialogMuseum - the institution that created the Dialogue in the dark approach where a visually impaired guide takes sighted visitors through a completely dark exhibition hall, encouraging them, through constant communication and guidance, to use all the other senses in order to experience the setting and its atmosphere / exhibits.

FDCBPCS 22/9/2015  

Project outputs (developed reports) have been sent to the two official associated partners - the European Union of the Blind and the Italian union of the visually impaired - for the purpose of further and broader dissemination at an EU level.

FDCBPCS 17/9/2015  

The project has been enlisted in the online database www.uchiteli.bg, which is disseminating details of various educational offers. The web database is frequented by all interested - students, parents, teachers from all over the country.259_New-Picture-1-.bmp

FDCBPCS 17/9/2015  

The vision web-site was registered on a number of BG web-site directories, such as: start.bg, all.bg, dir.bg, gbg.bg, bgtop.net. A brief presentation supports the domain name registration wherever possible and within the allowed limits.

UCAN 9/9/2015  

During a meeting at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, England, UCAN Productions presented information about the VISION project and generated further interest in the project activities on behalf of the RNC management.

FDCBPCS 8/9/2015  

Information about VISION was presented during a meeting with representatives of the International council for cultural centers /I3C/ in Sofia and their intern from the USA - Molly Reeder - whose blind mother has been provided with access to the project web-site and is ready to contribute with advice and opinions as well as to share the project within the USA visual impairment community.

FDCBPCS 7/9/2015  

Printed promotional materials were brought to the Bulgarian National Agency and there was a discussion between project team member and a representative of the BG NA. Activities and budgetary issues were discussed and promotional materials were provided to the agency for placement in a public location.

FDCBPCS 7/9/2015  

The project has been presented to the leaders of the Kenyan acrobatic formation Nafsi Africa Acrobats - Joy Adhiamb and Jane Mboya - who are also working with people with disabilities and visually impaired & hearing impaired children and young people in Africa. The project has made a substantial impact on the youth workers in Nafsi and they are really interested to stay informed and to receive access to its final results and especially the theatre training program.

Music'Arte 31/7/2015  

A conference called Europe in Action 2015 which focused on "Families and Self-Advocacy" took place on the 21st to 22nd May in Rome. There were a lot of presentations made from self-advocates from different parts of Italy and from different countries.
The Vice-chairperson of an organisation called Anffas attended this conference in Rome and replicated the event in Palermo to convey to the local authorities the need for a change in mentality.
Music'Arte attended this conference called "Io più Io" and presented our V.I.S.I.ON project. Stefania Vitale spoke about theatre as a powerful instrument for self-knowledge and self-assurance which are fundamental principles of self-advocacy.
FDCBPCS 30/7/2015  

On July 30 took place the presentation of Ina Gerginova's master thesis on the topic "Dance and theatre in the creative group process as catalyst for development of the physical self of visually impaired young people" before academics at New Bulgarian University. Ina's involvement in the VISION project and its objectives and activities was presented before the assessment committee.

Nadezhda za vsichki 24/7/2015  

The project, its activities and web-site has been disseminated through the largest NGO network in Bulgaria - www.ngo.bg. The publication on the project can be seen here: http://ngobg.info

SOU Louis Braille 23/7/2015  

The project was presented to the founders of the international "Bread houses" network during a meeting in the bread house in Sofia. The founders of the network are implementing various activities related to the VISION project - they work with visually impaired people in initiatives such as "bread in the dark" and implement "theatre of the crumbs" activities with young children. They also have the objective of making leaders out their young workshop participants. the participants in the meeting exchanged information and outlined several options for common activities for the visually impaired children.

FDCBPCS 22/7/2015  

A package with 5 Braille flyers, as well as general flat print flyers, were sent to the National library for the blind "Louis Braille" in Sofia. Communication with the library has been initiated in order for further documentation in Braille to be provided to the institution and dissemination to take place within its premises.

FDCBPCS 17/7/2015  

Email dissemination to 9 theatres in Sofia, explaining what and how VISION is doing, as well as sharing the web-site and the facebook page of the initiative. Feedback is expected and would be greatly appreciated.

SOU Louis Braille 9/7/2015  

The VISION web-site has been connected to the web-site of the school for visually impaired children "Louis Braille" in Sofia: soudnzsofia.bg - in the projects section. 197_louis-braille-dissemination.bmp

Nadezhda za vsichki 2/7/2015  

The facebook page of association "Hope for all" in Veliko Tarnovo published information about the VISION project and the place of implementation of the activities under the project in Veliko Tarnovo. 184_nadezhda-za-vsichki.bmp

UCAN 2/7/2015  

UCAN Productions organized a visit to the Cardiff Institute for the Blind, which is a part of the RNIB, during the second day of the project meeting in Wales. The kind hosts in the Cardiff institute were informed about the events and activities taking place under the VISION project and shared how they are supporting the visually impaired people in Wales. 184_in-front-of-cardiff-institute-3.jpg

I Bohemiens 28/6/2015  

The project was presented at the Teatro Finocchiaro for the event "Summertango" that counted 100 participants (dancers and spectators) only that day. Claudio Ingoglia (coordinator from FDCBPCS who came to Palermo), Casimiro Alaimo and Stefania Vitale described the main idea, the purposes and some of the activities of the project for all audience to better comprehend what our VISION means.

I Bohemiens 26/6/2015  

A long dissemination has been made from the Italian and Bulgarian partners towards another country, Romania, where a theater association has been contacted in Craiova. The coordinator of the association has been discussing with the local institution of Visually Impaired People in Craiova for a further dissemination and their potentatil involvement in a future project on the same issue.

Music'Arte 22/6/2015  

Dissemination in the Clinica Maddalena, in Palermo, whose doctor Zappulla showed his interest and his will in conveying the project info to the Head of the Clinic, to hang posters and to disseminate material inside the clinic. Further dissemination will be done with the purpose to involve the patients of ophtalmology department in assisting the future workshop in Palermo and to have them take part to the future activities related the project (flash mob, conferences, ...)

FDCBPCS 15/6/2015  

The project was presented during a seminar and scientific contest at the high school of electronics "John Atanasov" in Sofia. 27 students and 4 teachers were present at this event and got acquainted with the developments under the VISION project.

FDCBPCS 11/6/2015  

The project activities were presented during an EU programs training seminar delivered for representatives of schools and cultural organizations in the region of Rakovski municipality within the period 11-13 June 2015. Project flyers were also disseminated among the local participants. The project gained enormous popularity and the local community in Rakovski was greatly impressed with the effects of VISION on the target group. Suggestions for connections with the district of Plovdiv were presented by local interested parties.
FDCBPCS 8/6/2015  

Together with theatre studio "Dramedy", the project presented a play by Shakespeare - Midsummer night's dream - before the audience from the school. Theatre workshops leader - Tzveta Baliyska - presented the project, while Zornitsa Staneva gave around project flyers - regular print (for teachers and actors with healthy vision), large font and Brailles versions (for students). The event was a remarkable opportunity for the audience to enjoy peer-theatre (the actors were teenagers and young adults), to discover some more details about the project VISION, as well as for the actors from "Dramedy" and the actors in training from the school to meet and have a chat! Check out the dedicated facebook page for some photos! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vision-Erasmus/494509684023726?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

I Bohemiens 6/6/2015  

Presentation of the V.I.S.I.ON project before the closing performance of the theatre course in Civitas Tango Association. Many people were reached, performers and audience, and two new friendships have been built between us and: (1) a member of the Institute of disabilities and impairments (mainly autism but also visual impairment) in Palermo, and teacher of the qualifying course for assistant teachers; (2) a member of the bank Banca Patrimoni Sella S.p.a.. Both persons were interested and willing in organizing further dissemination events within their respective context.

Dante Alighieri 1/4/2015  

A promotional article was published in the Passa Parola magazine on the topic of the VISION project. The article is available in Italian and French, which makes its impact and reach international. 207_Vision-PassaParola-Mag-04-2015.pdf 207_vision-paola.docx

FDCBPCS 26/3/2015  

Zornitsa Staneva presented the VISION project to the participants in a training seminar for local leaders in the region of Rakovski. The event was organized as a part of a local action group partnership project (Bulgaria-Austria), but had only Bulgarian (local) participants.

FDCBPCS 25/3/2015  

Zornitsa Staneva took part in the "Social farming, opportunities and challenges for young people in Europe" Erasmus+ project international conference in Plovdiv with a presentation on the Erasmus+ programme possibilities. She also presented the VISION project and its web-site - as an example of a successful KA2 Strategic partnership.

SOU Louis Braille 23/3/2015  

Representatives of the School for visually impaired children "Louis Braille" visited the round table organized in connection with the EuropeAid project "EADEA: Equal access for development education for all" and shared information about the VISION project, which the school and its children are involved.

Inforef 12/3/2015  

Presentation of the project to the SIEP exhibition.


FDCBPCS 5/3/2015  

Zornitsa Staneva prepared a short announcement about VISION, which was published on the web-site of an associate organization, which is focused on providing news concerning educational topics. The link to the publication is: www.obrazovanie-bg.com/base/index.php/en/

FDCBPCS 15/2/2015  

Information about the V.I.S.I.ON project was published in English and in Bulgarian on the news sections of the organizational web-site of FDCBPCS:

www.cubufoundation.com/bg/news/vision.php - in Bulgarian

www.cubufoundation.com/en/news/vision.php - in English

I Bohemiens 14/2/2015  

During the performance of the "San Valentine's Day" the theatre experts Casimiro Alaimo and Stefania Vitale talked about the project and its activities. The focus of the conveyance was the importance of arts for the social sphere and the social role of theatre in boosting self-assurance for evertday life.

Dante Alighieri 1/2/2015  

The project has been promoted (described activities) to Fabienne Feller who is coordinator for accessibility in this organization, dealing with people with disabilities in Luxembourg.

Dante Alighieri 1/2/2015  

The Ministry of education, children and youth in the face of Michel Staff, has been continuously receiving information about the project and its activities.

Dante Alighieri 1/2/2015  

The project has been explained to the Institut pour déficients visuels (IDV) in the face of its director Frank Groben & Pascale Wietor with the hopes of attracting the organization to the idea of authorizing the setting up of the Luxembourg group of children to join the project.

I Bohemiens 31/1/2015  

The dissemination has been done in two days after the concerts di Pietro Adragna, famous accordionist worldwide, describing and conveying all the project information to the audience of the concerts. The focus of the conveyance was the importance of arts for the social sphere and the social role of theatre in boosting self-assurance for evertday life.

FDCBPCS 23/1/2015  

The V.I.S.I.ON project was presented during an exchange visit of a group from Bulgaria to Sardinia under the project "Archilandia skills" OP Human resources development. The project became known to representatives of 4 educational organizations from Bulgaria (LAG Rakovski, Vratsa Chamber of Commerce, Foundation "Phoenix - 21 century" and Association for spreading of knowledge "Misal") and 2 institutions from Sardinia - the University of Cagliari and inter-municipal consortium "Due Giare". Thanks to the good presentation the project attracted two more v.i. participants from the target region of Veliko Tarnovo and became wider known.

FDCBPCS 14/1/2015  

The V.I.S.I.ON project has been presented to the participants in the Valencia meeting under the Goerudio project, Lifelong Learning Program. The participants in the meeting were teachers and representatives of educational organizations. The participants in this meeting will be updated about V.I.S.I.ON achievements during the closing project meeting in Latvia in November 2015.

I Bohemiens 11/1/2015  

Dissemination to the full audience of the performance "Il Gran Varietà" in the Teatro Finocchiaro.The focus of the conveyance was the importance of arts for the social sphere and the social role of theatre in boosting self-assurance for evertday life.

I Bohemiens 10/1/2015  

Great re-opening of the Teatro Finocchiaro after 10 years of shutting: during the event and the special performance the audience was informed of the participation of the two Palermian partners (I Bohémiens and Music'Arte) in the project and about the activities that will be soon implemented within the project life. The focus of the conveyance was the importance of arts for the social sphere and the social role of theatre in boosting self-assurance for evertday life.